Certificate of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit are designed to meet your investment needs, providing you:

  • Fixed interest rates

We guarantee the rate of return of the entire term of the investment, thus eliminating worry about variable rates.

  • Automatic renewal

You may renew any matured certificate of deposit for the same term without visiting the bank

  • Security

All Atlas Investment Services are risk free. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures each depositor up to $100,000. At Atlas CU, the strength of our assets adds to the safety and security of every deposit.

  • Lower Minimum Balance Requirements

Our low minimum balance requirements make it possible for everyone to access the higher market rates on their investment - large or small.

  • Variety of Maturity Periods

 Atlas Certificates feature a variety of terms structured to meet your particular investment or liquidity needs.


Available Maturity Periods

7 Thru 89 Day 24 Thru 25 Month
90 Thru 181 Day 36 Thru 47 Month
182 Thru 364 Day 48 Thru 59 Month
12 Thru 23 Month 60 Month or More

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Individual Retirement Account

Save for your retirement and receive tax incentives now with Atlas CU's Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Our Customer Service Representatives can show you how we can take care of you today and tomorrow. Our selection of investment alternatives is designed to meet any investment objective. Investments include:

Fixed Rate Option

This deposit account is designed for the investor who prefers longer maturities and fixed rates. Our fixed rate term guarantees yields throughout the maturity period. All Fixed Rate options allow deposits equal to your annual maximum contribution limits.

  • IRA 12 Month Fixed Term
  • IRA 24 Month Fixed Term
  • IRA 36 Month Fixed Term
  • IRA 48 Month Fixed Term
  • IRA 60 Month Fixed Term

Variable Rate Option

Advantageous for customers wanting to make random deposits throughout the year and manage the funds in a single account. Funds are deposited to a variable account at the prevailing market rate with no maturity date.

Roth IRA

The Roth IRA is a nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for certain distribution reasons after a five-year holding period. Unlike the Traditional IRA, the Roth IRA does not permit you to take deduction for any of the contributors that you make to it.

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