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A full range of investment products and services is made available through Atlas CU Financial Services.

Atlas CU Financial Services Group provides the products and services of a full-time investment firm with the personal attention you can appreciate.  Your investment specialist is focused on helping you set and achieve your financial goals.  Investment specialists are available by phone, on a walk-in basis or by appointment.  Meet with us and start expanding your financial horizons today! 


Fully Managed Account

It is our philosophy to analyze the individual investment needs of each investment account and fill those needs with investments which have been selected through a process of careful research and analysis. We utilize asset allocation to establish a personalized diversified investment portfolio by strategically combining different asset classes in varying proportions to manage risk and capitalize on changing market and investor sentiments. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the account, diversification may mean the use of different types of investments (stocks, bonds, real estate or mortgages) as well as diversification of industries and geographical locations.



Investing, like life, is about making choices and at Atlas CU we understand the concerns associated with making the right financial decisions. We also know that personal investment needs and preferences vary widely and cover virtually the entire spectrum of risk and return possibilities. That is why we've developed an investment program to cover those possibilities that includes a broad array of meaningful investment alternatives. 

LifeStylesSM portfolios are designed to meet these challenges by offering investors a simple solution to achieve their investment and financial objectives. 

The Atlas CU Process 

The actively managed mutual funds utilized in each of the LifeStylesSM portfolios are systematically reviewed and consistently re-evaluated to ensure that they include the very best asset management talent in the United States.  A database of more than 10,000 mutual funds is used to meet Atlas CU's investment process criteria. 

LifeStylesSM Easy Three-Step Process

  • Step 1: Determining Where You Want To Be

Targeting your investment needs requires intelligent reasoning, not wishful thinking. In order to develop an investment strategy that fulfills your lifelong dreams, you need to take many realities into account and get a clear definition of your objectives. The process begins with a detailed investor profile that covers several factors that will influence the allocation of your investments.

  • Step 2: Selecting The Right Investment Vehicle

Creating your portfolio is a lot like taking a long trip. The portfolio mix that's right for you is designed to get you where you want to go, at your own speed. Based on your investor profile, the strategies used to construct your portfolio may include a mix of stocks, bonds, and money market mutual funds in varying percentages.

  • Step 3: Monitoring Your Success As You Go

Actively monitoring your portfolio is a vital part of any successful investment strategy. After all, you wouldn't stuff your portfolio in a drawer and just hope for the best, any more than you would drive your car across the country without checking under the hood periodically. Every vehicle needs a little maintenance, even investment vehicles. 

Selecting your investment strategy is just the beginning. It's just as important to provide ongoing evaluations and adjustments if necessary. That is precisely what our investment professionals at Atlas CU do; they continually monitor the markets and shifts in the economy in an effort to maximize the productivity of the portfolios as the economy moves through its inevitable cycles. 

By incorporating a disciplined, three-step investment process, we can help you select, implement and achieve your investment goals. 


Brokerage Account

Through our portfolio management group, we can act as an unbiased, client-goal oriented investment manager for individuals, businesses, and foundations. 

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Whether you desire a one-time investment or want a relationship to build and manage a complex investment portfolio, Atlas CU Financial Services is at your service.

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