Personal  Savings

Atlas Statement Savings

This account offers a competitive interest rate, monthly statements, and access to your funds through any of our ATM locations. You may make six (6) transfers from your account each four (4) week or similar period. A service fee of $4.00 will be charged in any month that the daily minimum balance in your account falls below $200.00. A service fee of $2.00 will be charged for excessive withdrawals.


Atlas Savers Account

This account is designed to offer children the opportunity to begin saving at an early age. This is an interest bearing joint account between the minor and a guardian (parent or relative). Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. There is no minimum balance requirement for this account. A quarterly statement will be provided. Two (2) signatures are required for withdrawal. There are no service fees until the account owner reaches the age of eighteen (18). You must make at least a $5.00 opening deposit.


Coverdell Education Savings Account

This account is a nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for a very specific purpose–a child's higher education expenses. While qualified higher education distributions from a Traditional or Roth IRA are penalty free, the same distributions from the Coverdell Education Savings Account are penalty free and tax free.